Friday, September 30, 2005

If Communists take over the world

I had a dream last night that Sarah, me, and my mom were flying to Cuba to visit. Between when we took off and when we landed, the Communists took over the whole world.

So when we landed, we were informed that we were being held hostage in the gift shop of the airport (which was actually a giant navy ship). My mom and I were really sad, but Sarah was trying to keep us upbeat about it.

I was all like, "WTF?!?! you're sarah givner! if anyone can't handle communism, it's you!!!!"That was offensive to her, apparently ;>, so she stalked off and said she was going to go buy some vodka to make herself feel better.

But the guy at the counter (a communist) flipped out at her because she left her cash in the pocket of her coat that was clear across the room. When she tried to get it, he followed her, yelling at her. So she got upset and called her parents on her cell phone (Cuz OBVIOUSLY if communists take over the world, we'll still get cellphone reception).

Her dad told her to bribe the guy with one of his gold watches that she carries around. That's when I woke up.

My subconcious is trying to congratulate me, because if the world was taken over by communists, I clearly would not be the worst off. ;P

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Where has September gone?

Yesterday was a craaaazy day, including both the career fair and a panel talk w/ the Deans of Admissions at Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, and NYU Law.

At first I was panicking again because the NH Public Defender was at the career fair and he told me, yet again, that he thinks EVERYone should take time off before going to law school. It seems that everyone who knows (i.e. my sister, ppl in grad school, ppl in law school, the judge I talked to at CST, the NH public defender) tells me not to go next year, and everyone who doesn't know (Mark, my parents, my uncle John who thinks if I don't go to law school next year I'll get pregnant) tells me not to take any time off. So I had my daily crisis of what the heck am I gonna do? and where should I be next year? and then went to the admissions talk. That actually helped a ton - not soo much that I felt an hour and forty minute talk was justified, but enough that I have a plan of action for next year.

I'm going to apply to law schools AND for jobs this year and hope that:
1) I get a job. Preferrably at a decent, non-corporate firm.
2) I get into a law school. Preferrably Stanford, Northwestern, UPenn, Duke, Georgetown, Michigan, or Virginia.
3) Once I get an acceptance to one of those schools AND a job offer, I can defer admissions (The Stanford Law lady said that as long as you have a plan for yourself, law schools are very generous with their deferrals).

So this morning I feel much, Much, MUCH better. At least about that part.

But Saturday is the LSAT, and while I was TOTALLY prepared in August, I haven't studied since then, and I'm TOTALLY screwed. I'll be so happy on Saturday to be done with this test. And once that's over with, I promise that my law school freaking outs will be over for a while.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Elissa, I promise to do better than write! Will you be around tonight? I owe you a huge LOOOOOOOONG phone call.

Just one more pic from this weekend. Me with my lovely roommies...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Pix from Court's Visit


A new picture of my cousin Cole - fattest/cutest baby in the whole world:

And in other news, today was an awful, terrible, no good, very bad day. It started at 7 this morning, when I got a 50 dollar parking ticket, despite the fact that Courtney was supposed to get an exemption b/c she's a prospie. Then I had to drop her off at the bus stop and I was really sad to see her leave. Went to work, and after work went to take my computer in to get fixed - this was when my day REALLY got bad.

Walking into the library, carrying my computer, I slipped and fell. BIG wipeout. Huge. ENORMOUS. and landed ON the flipping computer. Then, I got up and took the darned thing in only to discover that before they'll even look at it, they charge you 75 bucks. I have no clue what's wrong, but I'm already out 75 dollars. How ridiculous is that?!?! I'm so scared to find out what's wrong because I don't have any way to pay for repairs.

I hate computers with every fiber of my being. And I miss my sister. Court, come back to me!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hamiltons Suck at Pong

So another Hamilton bit the pong dust last night, as Court made her debut in the frat scene. Although I have to say, Court wasn't brilliant, but she was a HUNDRED times better than me. It helps that she wasn't drinking any of the beer, and a big shout out to Evan for teaching her and being patient.

And other updates from this fall:

Apartment = Great! Very cute, everyone must visit!

Classes = Decent. Except the one class I was SO thrilled for, my senior seminar on Juveniles and the Law, has FOUR flippin freshmen in it. The first day the prof had us go around the room and tell us our relevant class experience. the worst was the kid who said he had absolutely no relevant experience, but he has a lot of friends.

Court's visit = Fun, but we missed the Brown tours. We're still gonna go visit tomorrow, but we won't get to do the info session or tour.

Sarah's party = Sarah's driving me absolutely batty, but her party was fun cuz mark got so wasted that he was the total center of attention. Even Panini/Martini man (our waiter) had to agree that our table was by far the most fun.

Pix from the Party

Friday, September 23, 2005

For God's Sake!

Another story enfuriating me!

Gay Parents

The worst part is that as long as the parents are heterosexual, the father could be a fucking rapist and it wouldn't be held against anyone. OR, that a parent's sexual orientation should be used to punish children.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Home Sweet DCCCC

Last night was lots of fun, Rene and Mark came to visit and after three hours of INTENSE labor, Angeles and I finally got Julie's hair straight. Only to realize that she was totally right when she said it looks better curly. Oh well, even though we weren't rewarded by her hair, we were rewarded by finding out that Mark's kinkiest sex fantasy involves a hair straightener.

People were hanging out in my room till 12 or 1, and usually I would HATE waking up at 5:30am the next morning. BUT, today is no ordinary day. Today is the day I've been looking forward to since last March. It's my first day back at my day care! WOOHOO! On my list of favorite places on campus, DCCCC is definitely in the top three. I can't think of any place I like more right now, but it's always safe to leave room, just in case.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Yay Kristina!

I need to add Kristina to my list of heros. She found me this while I was ranting and raving yesterday:

Ann Coulter

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I hate Ann Coulter with every fiber of my being!

Granted, I know I use that phrase a lot, but I mean it. One of my new summer interests has been reading blogs, cuz I feel like I'm completely retarded when it comes to current events and holding my own in political discussions. Today, I happened upon Ann Coulter's, which was stupid and ridiculous as I knew it would be. However, I wasn't enfuriated, until I saw another article written by a junior in college studying, of all things, international studies.

Shoot me now!!!

I love how the only white terrorists she can name are Timothy McVeigh, the unibomber, and the Columbine kids. White people commit all sorts of attorcities, and I'd be willing to bet money that across the board, white people murder as frequently as Arabs. And she's lying - she's absolutley DELUSIONAL when she tries to maintain if terrorists were white, she'd willingly subject "to be[ing] stripped naked and cavity-searched if within 100 yards of an airport." she's fucking off her rocker. she feels comfortable saying these things only because she also thinks being a white person in America will always automatically equate being right, powerful, moral, worthy.

American forces have killed somewhere between 24,712 and 27,963 innocent Iraqi civilians. And while not all Americans are in the armed forces, all of the armed forces are American. Therefore, by this girl's logic, we should all be treated as murderers. Also, this idiot seems to think that the only thing linking the 9/11 terrorists was race. THAT'S the problem with racial profiling - it's not an accurate indicator of jack shit! There's nothing saying an Arab is more likely to be a terrorist than a white man. NOTHING. Who does this girl think she's kidding??? apparently, other white priveleged conservatives like herself.

Bush Potty Break

haha, this is apparently a real note written by Bush to Condolezza Rice during yesterday's Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations:

And in other news, some days I really despise how completely backwards the Catholic Church can be. Apparently, the Vatican has commissioned an investigation into the number of men in American seminaries who have homosexual tendencies or have engaged in homosexual activity prior to entering the seminary. This is absurd!!!! They don't check heterosexual men to see if they've engaged or even think about engaging in any sexual activity that is considered "immoral" by the Vatican. This is a total flipping witch hunt. Their solution to cover their asses for allowing all sorts of pedophiles to remain active priests is to pretend that the real issue is homosexuality. Never mind the fact that the two are not related at all!!! Never mind the fact that the problem was never that a pedophile had become a priest but that once the higher ups had discovered the pedophile and had heard allegations against him, they covered his ass! Way to go, Vatican. First, they take away women priests. Then they take away married priests. Now they're going to take away gay priests because even if they aren't active gays, I guess the fact that they have "tendencies" makes them unfit and evil. Stupid f'in Vatican - they'll regret this one day, mark my words.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Last day of Summer

So today is my official last day of summer cuz I go back to school tomorrow! I thought I would end my summer with a best of/worst of summer blog entry:

Best Days of Summer:
* The Fourth of July - Millie's kitchen table, karaoke, and toasting toes... O'Neill, NE is still my favorite place in the whole world!
* The day I spent on Bev's farm doing absolutely nothing in the middle of nowhere
* Central Park day
* The day I FINALLY saw Wicked

Worst Days of Summer:
* The day Peggy & Selena spilled water on my phone, the day I had my phone stolen, the day my phone quit working... cell phones and I just DON'T get along
* The day the new Jason Mraz CD was released
* The day the right-wing nuts in Wisconsin were allowed to outlaw birth control on college campuses
* The day I found out Liz got married and my dad wants to take another bike trip

My New Heros:
* Sister Kate & Sister Liz - who reminded me that nuns are just amazing women who dedicate their entire lives to service
* Courtney - cuz God damn it, she's the smartest, nicest, sanest Hamilton yet and she's gonna be valedictorian!
* The guy from Washington Park who went around screaming "You cannot fuck with Jamaica" - I want to have guts like that some day

My New Enemies:
* The dentist - stupid mo'fo charges me a thousand bucks to torture me!!!
* Rob Thomas - GOD DAMN IT!!! If I have to hear "I don't wanna be lonely" one more time, I'm going to start listening to rap music.
* The Law School Admissions Council - they're going to ruin me financially and I don't even think it'll help me get into a good school.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Pix from NY

These pix are absolutely DISGUSTING of me (I had been travelling all day and had not time to shower or clean up at all before we went out), but cute of everyone else, so I thought I should post them:

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Diddy Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was in a Hallmark shop around Xmas time and I was about to leave when in walks P. Diddy (or Diddy, for the sake of being accurate). And obviously if Diddy walks into the shop, I'm not going to leave, so I turn around and walk back in.

And Diddy tells me that I put the "ho" back in Xmas, cuz "ho, ho, ho, I love you". And kissed me on the cheek. WTF?!?!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sitting in a DC copy center...

So here I am sitting in a DC copy center waiting for some packets to be printed so I can run them over to a reception. The stupid people make me pay for 25 minutes on the computer at a time, so I'm going to use all 25 minutes, damn it!

The DC program is really a lot of fun the second time around - more booze, less work. It's a very bizarre experience to go to bars with Karen & Matt (the coordinators), but I s'pose most other Dartmouth kids got used to that kind of thing on their FSP's and I'm now making up for it... Plus, we're staying in a hotel in China town, and I LOVE staying in hotels (provided that they aren't dives).

And in other news, YAY ELISSA!!!!!! She finally got engaged and is getting married in May! it's completely scary in a way, but I couldn't be more excited for her. The only other news I have is that Sarah is renting out the Cannoe Club for her bday to have a cocktail party - invites only. If you want on the list, let me know, and I'll see what I can do. But does no one else think it's weird (or just a little too much) to rent out a restaurant for your 21st??? Mark is convinced it'll be "awk" and I'm just hoping that it'll be classy without being pretentious.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sloe Screw

So, not much time to update on NY, but quickly - I'm having a great time. Wicked and Avenue Q were both AMAZING!

Last night after Wicked we went to a bar and apparently I was inadvertently flirting with our hot bartender, which i didn't realize till sarah was giving me a hard time after we left. I guess when you ask for a sloe screw, it seems a little more racy than i intended. as is evidenced by the fact that he didn't make us pay for our drinks at all....