Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's just like you always remembered. But add legal intoxication.

What's better than Chelsea Clinton coming to ND?

Who says she's no longer a viable candidate?

We waited for hours and hours and hours, but it was worth it!

It's HILLARY!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If you get a new camera, they will come

Lots of visitors to ND today that I would/will post more, but right now my head is throbbing with a migraine, so pictures will have to suffice:

Dinkeneh finally made it into the law school!

He was pretty sleepy, but a trooper nonetheless

Sean Astin, who starred in the movie Rudy, to introduce...


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have iPod. Will dance.

I blame a number of factors, actually. For starters, Lynn wasn't walking with me, which she has done almost every day since this year started. Additionally, I think the purple patent leather pumps made me a little extra sassy. Could also be that today was one of the sunnier mornings we've had in a while.

Whatever the cause, there is just no excuse, I realize this. But here's what ensued, you be the judge:

Scene: Walk to School
Soundtrack: Janet Jackson, "Together Again" REALLY loud on my iPod

Narrative: Oh, Janet Jackson. I love this song. I've loved this song for as long as I can remember. Although... it has sort of a lame beginning. I don't like the slow, wind-chimy, whispy voice, blah, blah, blah.

Ahhhh, there we go. THIS is the part of the song I like. How can you not like this song? The beat is just so -- WOAH! what was that? where did that hip thrust come from?!?! Ok, don't worry, Bagel. No one can see you from in front of you and if there is anyone behind you, maybe they'll just think you slipped in your purple patent leather - Woah, Woah, WOAH! Bagel! You can't thrust your hips like that. People will think you are weird!!! Well, okay maybe you can thrust your hips a LITTLE bit. I mean, you have a backpack on, most people walking behind you can't see because of the bag. Hopefully.

But, NO! No, Bagel, NO! You cannot be
that girl, the one who walks around with the stupid grin on her face when there is no discernible reason the people around her can see for her grin. You hate that girl, you cannot and WILL not be that girl. Bite your lip! Bite it now! I don't care if it hurts! I don't care if your lip is slightly bleeding. No one ever got to be a cool kid by smiling like a fool. Hip thrusts are one thing, unabashed foolish grins are something totally different.

Oh holy F! When did the finger pointing start. I look like I want to be in a disco club, but my arms are paralyzed from my shoulder to my palm and all I can do is dance by pointing my finger. Well, and thrusting my hips, but I'm pretty sure no one else will notice that. I hope.

[Insert total brain fart here. I'm pretty sure I just blacked out, and when I came to, I was crooning and lip syncing to the giant, lumbering old man walking ahead of me. "There are times when I feel your arms around me, babe. I'll never forget my babe." Thank GOD this man is giant and lumbering and walking ahead of me and had no idea I even existed.]

[Insert swell of my music]

Janet Jackson: All my love's FOR YOU!
Narrative: Now THAT. IS. IT! Bagel, you are DONE. Turn that iPod off RIGHT. NOW! I stood idly by while you thrusted your hips like a spastic walking seizure case. I even let you sneak out a tiny little grin or two when I thought no one was looking. Heck, I didn't even stop you when you let your fingers dance like maniacs. But I cannot, WILL NOT, allow you to close your eyes and throw your head back and bob your head to the beat! Who are you?!?!

You are a girl who is going to learn how to use her iPod appropriately, that's who. And until that time, you are going to turn your iPod off and walk the rest of the way in silence. That's what girls like you deserve.

Lynn, please come home! I can't be trusted to even walk to school by myself!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to law school

It's sad how many of these are accurate, and spare the comments about how many are reminiscent of me. ;)

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Christina got me, so here goes...

10 random things about me:
10. I still don't like stepping on the crack.

9. I always lie when asked, "What do you like to do with your spare time?" People who ask me that question would judge me too harshly if they knew the truth.

8. The honest answer to "What do you like to do with your spare time?" is: gossip; go shopping; watch SVU reruns and Lifetime Movies; color (as in with a coloring book and crayons); sit around a kitchen table with my family and chat; check facebook and read adoption blogs.

7. I'm the only one of my best friends from high school who isn't married.

6. My favorite greeting card of all time read, "Thank you for being." I think that would be the ultimate compliment.

5. I hate butterflies. HATE them. I didn't discover this until I was 14 and took my 18 month old cousin Peggy to a Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, CO. That was the day I realized that butterflies are really unattractive bugs with some pretty wings attached and I haven't liked them since.

4. I take compliments very poorly. They embarrass me and I'd rather hear through the grape vine that someone has a positive opinion of me.

3. If I end up in a big law firm post-graduation, I want to use my signing bonus to travel to Africa. South Africa and Kenya, where Fred & Milty have their clinic, are top on my list of places to go.

2. I want 6 daughters. To beat my dad.

1. The idea of eternity gives me panic attacks. I've been known to start crying while discussing it with others.

Now, I'm supposed to tag five people:
Big Colle - I'm pretty sure she won't do it cuz she's ridiculously busy. In fact I'm pretty sure she hasn't read this post this far down but has already given up to go splice cells or build DNA or do whatever science students do.

Katie - my newest blogging friend! I'm uberjealous that she just went on a cruise to the Bahamas, so I'm punishing her with a silly blog chain. ;)

Kristin - something fun to do during Evidence class on Monday!

Courtney - it's about time you get a blog, little sister

Lauren Cady - who STILL won't tell me where her blog is

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Mike: "1 in 4 teenage girls has an S.T.D."
Jenn: "Does pregnancy count? Because I've always considered teenage pregnancy an S.T.D."

Female gunner in class: "I'm hungry for more information."
Lynn, via I.M.: "Then eat a sandwich."

Sunday, March 09, 2008

New do!

Thanks so much to Nikki for updating my blog! I highly recommend her if any of you are looking for a good cause to donate to or for a new look for your blog. (See the "Blogs for a Cause" link on the left to check out her stuff)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Time for a new do

I'm giving this blog an overhaul; I found a girl who is raising money for a humanitarian trip by redesigning blogs. As part of my makeover, she asked me what text, if any, I want. Problem is, I can't come up with just one quote. So I'm looking for some help... The options are below, let me know what you think!

And in the meantime, check out this girl's work. It's pretty cute!

Option 1 (the current quote): "Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend" -Ellizabeth Gilbert

Option 2: "Imagine you're a girl, just trying to finally come clean" -Ani Difranco

Option 3: "So much of me is what I have learned from you. And you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart." -Kristin Chenowith, Wicked

Option 4: "Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things." -Chaim Potok

Option 5: "I'm a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls!" -Funny Girl

Option 6: "Don't tell me not to fly, I simply got to. If someone takes a spill, it's me and not you. Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade?" -Funny Girl