Thursday, November 22, 2007

Favorite Holiday of ALL

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm pretty sad I can't be at home today (especially cuz it means I don't get to heckle my sister's bf, Mr. San Francisco, who is with my family in Denver today *shakes fist*), but Lynn and I are making the best of it by hosting our very first Thanksgiving ever. Pix to follow I'm sure, but first the things I'm grateful for...

Old Pets and New:

Pretty Falls at Notre Dame:

Getting to be a Maid of Honor:

My South Bend Family, Sisters, and All-Time Hero:

Gainful Employment:

Baby Dinkeneh:
He's not even here yet and already he makes law school infinitely more tolerable

Monday, November 12, 2007

Remember that Time.

Hey. Remember that time I almost burnt down the apartment and gave Hank smoke inhalation because I left cookies baking in the oven for over 2 hours while Lynn and I went to the movie?

Oh wait. That was tonight.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not to steal Christina's thunder by posting a silly youtube clip the same day as their referral announcement, but this was just too accurate to pass up.

Law School Musical

Congratulations, Chris & Christina!

Last night my friends Chris and Christina finally got the call that they've been anticipating for 7 months - they have a baby!!!!! Little Dinkeneh Timesgen, born October 3, 2007, who is such a little guy that at four weeks he only weighs 5 lbs 6 oz. We could not be more thrilled for the both of them who have been waiting on this call for months and months. These last few weeks especially have been rough because they were told that they should expect the call in 4-6 months and the 6-month mark came at the beginning of October. But now they have pages and pages of information on their little guy - he doesn't laugh yet, but squeals and he can track people visually for all 90 degrees - and just have to wait for the Ethiopian courts to finalize the adoptions. They should be traveling in 12 weeks to pick him up, just enough time for us to blow off finals and the rest of life to shop for little boy boots and pajamas and coats and... well you get the picture. The best part of adopting parents is that as soon as they got the call, despite Christina being 7-months "expecting", we all got to drink champagne!

I would post a picture, except for privacy reasons, they can't official do that until they have his birth certificate. But this little man is tiny! and the picture they have of him shows him in a 3-year old girl's sweatshirt which he is practically swimming in. It's totally precious.

OH, and because everyone knows how competitive I am - I started a pool for everyone to bet on what gender baby it would be, what age at referral, and how many babies there would be (Chris and Christina were open to twins). The prize was that the winner gets to be the first babysitter, and with a guess of 1 baby boy age 4 months, I won! (and no, I didn't cheat ;>) SOOOO excited!

Congrats again, Christina!!!!

Pix are from the weekend way back in January when they announced to everyone that they were going to adopt. I was out of town (blast!), but being there the night they got their referral totally made up for that.

Chris, dad-to-be, is the one in the gray and blue jacket.

Christina, mom-to-be, is in the gray sweatshirt with pink scarf.

Chris and Christina in the new nursery, shortly after telling us.

Tim came, but poor Emily was stuck in the library doing Law Review stuff. So we had to go track her down by running around the library hollering "EMILY!"

Chris and Tim, pouring champagne.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Roommates and Honorary Roommates

on Halloween