Wednesday, November 29, 2006

haha, fuuuuuck.

Thanks Colle. Thanks for that....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Death via Brady

I came six inches from my death last night. This golf cart came flying out of nowhere and literally missed hitting me by 6 inches. As it veered off I stood there ranting and raving and mad as all get out. That didn't even change when Sean explained to me that the golf cart passenger was Brady Quinn (quarterback for NDame, fyi, and headed to the NFL). That just made me more mad. Stupid Brady. Can't win against USC and maniac driver to boot.



Friday, November 24, 2006

I smell! YAY!

Some lady sitting at a table next to me in a cafe in Lincoln just got up from her table and walked behind me. It was a little odd, I thought, because it looked as though she were trying to see what I was doing on my computer. I wrote her off as nosy and then went back to work. But when she sat back down, she turns to me and asks me if I was wearing a particular brand of perfume. Normally, I do wear perfume, but today I'm scrubbing down, so nope, none on me. Anyway, she was highly complimentary of my odor nonetheless.

This is a big step for me: when I started Dartmouth, my friend Chris once commented to me that I have no odor whatsoever. I was sad b/c everyone else had an odor and I was completely nondescript in that department. Apparently, I've overcome that problem naturally though. Well, in reality I'm entirely sure I smell like nothing today, and the lady had misplaced where the smell was coming from. But whatever, I take what I can get!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tex Dutile

Quotes from my favorite law school prof: (of criminal law)

"The first controversial issue about M’Naughten, and quite probably the most crucial, is how the hell do you spell it?!?!"
"It was later supplemented by the irresistible impulse test which was interestingly defined as an impulse that was irresistible."

Happy Thanksgiving Break

Sunday, November 19, 2006

While my mom is the queen of making comments that just make no sense whatsoever, my dad is the king of the uber offensive jokes. Case in point from his visit this weekend:

"The ACLU?!?! Really? They're just a bunch of commie, pinko, f*gs." (*I die of shame*)

"The last time Dartmouth won a game, Bagel was still a virgin." (Given that this comment was issued in front of not only my family, but Sean as well, I decided I would kill my father at the earliest opportunity.)

And they were more, lots more. Three of which I started to type and then realized they were just too inappropriate. But, I survived, and my liberal morals and values are still in tact.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


First final is tomorrow.

Granted, it's for Legal Research - the dumbest class ever, and only one credit hour, but I'm used to Dartmouth where every class is weighted the same, so I'm having a hard time accepting that I can take a final exam for one class less seriously than for another and it won't affect my GPA.

Also, this site made me homesick for Hanover.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm a godmommy!!!

Hooray, I have a godson!

Carter William Ebbers
7 lbs 1 oz and 18 1/2 inches long

No pix yet, but wait till I get to NE for Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ben Folds Concert = AMAZING!


I've got to say, my mom is the funniest IM buddy ever. She sent me an IM saying "goodday my daughter" and that was the only message she sent me that didn't include 7 million sentences in one. For example, "goodday my daughter" was followed by "Hey I have bills to pay and other stuff, ND is playing AirForce this weekend in Colo Want to go?? Okay, See ya then, and I haven't seen bob all week" which was followed by a kissing text smiley that I'm pretty sure was a mistake. Bob is my mom's pseudo bf. And by pseudo bf, I mean he has a crush on her and she constantly refers to him as "bald, fat, and a liar" (although I think she added the last bit only after he called her 'hot').

I wouldn't trade my mom for anything in the world.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ben Folds is Tonight!

Holy Crap! SO excited!

and in other news, last night was the first night I fell asleep without having to deal with my anxiety. A big step for me. Today: conquer anxiety. Tomorrow: conquer law school. The day after that: conquer the world.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night + Alcohol + Party + Hottub = Bad Idea. REAL bad idea. Mind you, I'm posting this at 5:55 am.... I just got home and I have class in three hours.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Abortion & Supreme Court

I don't know if anyone is interested in this other than me, but this Wednesday attorneys will argue a case on partial birth abortion. The case involves a federal law banning partial birth abortions - the EXACT same statute was passed in Nebraska and struck down in a previous Supreme Court case, Stenberg v. Carhart. This federal statute was passed as a direct challenge to that decision and is the first Supreme Court case dealing with abortion under the new justices. Of course, the decision won't be published for a while and this Wednesday is just the day that oral arguments are made. But nonetheless, at the end of the day, the arguments will be posted here under the case of Carhart v. Gonzales.

Mark my words, nothing good will come out of this case.

North Carolina Game

Lots of fun. Lots of hats. Lots of "rum deals."

(click on the pic for more pix)

Friday, November 03, 2006

And I lose.

Today in torts we dealt with issues of liability and duty owed in civil cases to unborn fetuses. For example, if X injures Y and she is pregnant with a fetus, later born and named Z - is X liable to Z if Z was injured?

I made the argument that it was logically acceptable to hold people responsible for injuries caused to viable fetuses and not to those fetuses who were previable. Mistake. BIG mistake. It was called a legal fallacy, a logical inconsistency only argued so that aboriton would be legal, completely incosistent and arbitrary, etc. In fact, it was argued that b/c the viability argument I put forth was based on whether the baby was capable of independent funcitoning or was completely dependent on the mother for life that I would then take away the legal rights of disabled or handicapped people.

I was the only one who made the argument. The other liberals who I know exist somewhere in that class of 100 are just a bunch of spineless jellyfish. Jason, to console me after class, promised to update me as soon as the "megan hamilton is a baby killer" facebook group goes up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nov.1 & Dec.1

Gulp. Yesterday was November 1st. The official American Bar Association sanctioned day where before which the Career Services Office isn't allowed to have any contact with us and must turn their head to the wall when they walk by us in the hall and and after which our law school anxieties and tensions multiply exponentially as we are hit with an onslaught of material on finding a summer job. I've gotten hit with 6 emails in the past 24 hours, one open house yesterday and resume feedback, one orientation session today, another set of emails from Job Search engines, and a direct one-on-one counseling session next week.

The only day that could be worse than Nov.1 is December 1st. The official American Bar Association sanctioned day where we can officially start talking to employers. And even thought that's the *first* day for contacting employers, according to my mentor, it might as well be the last too, because if you don't send your resumes out on that day exactly, then employers won't even look at you for summer associate jobs. You've got the dreaded 1Litis and the employers willing to risk their time, money, and energy on you are few and far between so you better do everything you can between Nov.1 and Dec.1 to be ready to send 1,000,000 resumes and cover letters out on Dec.1 or you'll be stuck volunteering your efforts this summer in a legal aide clinic. There are definitely worse fates in life, but law school is expensive and I for one am sick of being broke.

And in other news, today is the day we throw my civil procedure professor a birthday party in class. It's a 20 year tradition and I'm excited to not have to finish my reading. Instead, I'm spending the morning trying to find a job.