Tuesday, January 30, 2007

and one last shout out i swear....

....cuz a blog isn't supposed to be the equivalent of a facebook wall, i get that. but i had to make one last shout out: to Big Mama (a.k.a. Mark Herman) who got a mother-f*cking 4.0 at georgetown law his very first semester. I didn't think a 4.0 in law school was even possible, so WAY TO GO!!!!!

(if i didn't think he was kinda keen, i'd totally hate his guts)

Team We Wanna See Jack Get in a Fight

I did it. I joined a bowling team.** We're "Team We Wanna See Jack Get in a Fight" in honor of the fact that Jack is the most meek, quiet guy we know who also paradoxically plays competitive hockey like nonstop. The first game I went to of Jack's I went to I got into BIG trouble for hollering "We wanna see you get in a fight, Jack!" because, apparently, it was not that kind of league. Maybe this bowling league will be more h-core.

Anyway, this Thursday is the first bowling game - and incidentally it starts at 9, the same time as Grey's. I'm going out tonight to buy the patch and the gum and the hypnosis tapes to kick this addiction, or at least survive my insane cravings from Thursday night until the episode is posted on iTunes Friday afternoon.

**yes, originally this post did read "boiling team" - i'm sorry. i'm a law student, i'm just counting down the days until hopefully i'm smart enough to have a secretary to proof the crud I write.

Shout out to Doubly Dead Duck....

....whom I think is Michelle. I finally caved last night and bought my first pair of snow boots. I've fought it for sooooo long (and fought Michelle on hers for so long), with the argument that I've lived in ridiculously snowy places all my life, have never needed snow boots, and don't need to start now. But everyone finally convinced me yesterday when my tennis shoes were soaked, my toes were frozen and the cuffs of my jeans were a wreck. So i went out and bought the dreaded UGG boots.

And this morning God or karma or the snow fairies decided to show their approval of my purchase with foot high drifts on the walk to school. It's snowing like a crazy mo'fo here!!! And my feet are sooooooooooo WARM. Lynn got a kick out of walking to school with me, or rather walking behind me while I trudged and busted my way through all the drifts clearing a path. I will never make a case against snow boots again, you win Chelle.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Swan Lake & snow

Wendoline and I went to see Swan Lake last night because a friend of ours got tickets and then couldn't use them. It was really phenomenal. Apparently, it was a really rare fluke that this company (the Moscow Festival Ballet) came to South Bend (according to Emily, who gave us the tickets), so we were doubly lucky.

Now I've got to do lots and lots of work, which should be made the easier by the fact that it hasn't quit snowing since yesterday so there's nothing else I can do. One would think.... somehow I can still find a way to be unproductive though.

Also, quick shout out to Big Colle who has her general exam this week. I still don't know what the heck a general exam is but I do know that whatever it is, it's the reason why I'm glad I'm not getting my ph.D. anytime soon. She's been working nonstop for weeks and hasn't even had time for a Mr. San Francisco visit. So whatever it is, that means it's gotta be very VERY serious. Good luck, Big Colle!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To bowl or not to bowl

I got an email this afternoon that began with the following greeting:

"Law Students:

It is that time again. The best of the year to be a law student . . .Thursday
night bowling!"

My least favorite part of Notre Dame Law School is the bowling. It's really a big deal here. In the fall, there's football games. In the spring, there's bowling.I loved the former; I HATE the latter. I hate rental shoes and I hate the uncomfortable seats and I hate stupidly watching my ball roll into the gutter each and every time I bowl. But I think Lynn got it right when she said that the worst part of bowling is that you have this obligation to react every single time you bowl and there's only so many times you can do the "Aw, shucks!" motion with your arm before you just feel dumb.

The problem is that everyone is doing it. And it won't really kill me..... unless one can die from the foot fungus that comes from rental shoes. So do I suck it up and be social and give up on everything I hold dear? Or do I stand firm and spend my Thursday nights alone and bemoaning the fact that I went to a bowling school and now have to watch Grey's Anatomy all by my lonesome? In the end, I think the peer pressure will get me. Because my anti-bowling sentiments aren't *really* worth pitching a fit about such a "time-honored tradition." Nonetheless, although Thursday nights will probably find me with an obligatory pair of rental shoes on, in my heart and on my blog, I will always be a vehement resister.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

That's deep, yo.

Me: "I got really drunk last night and wound up saying a lot of things I probably shouldn't have and definitely wouldn't have if i weren't drunk."
Miss Kitty: "Hmmmm.... well. there's always tomorrow."
Me: "Tomorrow? There's always tomorrow for what?"
Miss Kitty: "I don't know. To get drunk and do it all again?"

She's deep yo, that mom of mine. ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"she's so accidentally cool"

this is bagel the m&m


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Apparently I'm not alone....

....and 51% of other American women are also not ready to be married yet. Although, I'm not going to lie, this article kinda made me wanna hurry up and get there:

Unmarried Women

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Funniest phone call of 2007

So I called Courtney this morning because she's driving back to campus today and I promised to make her and Shane-o dinner. Shane-O gets on the phone b/c he wanted to talk and the following ensued:

S: So, Bagel, what are you doing with your life right now?
B: Well, Shane-O, I'm studying contracts. What are YOU doing with your life right now?
S: Well, I don't know if you heard but I joined the army.
B: I did hear something to that effect...
S: So. Bagel. How's that whole law school thing working out for you?
B: Shane-O are you trying to recruit me for the military?
S: Why, yes, Bagel, I am.
B: (laughs so hard she can hardly breathe)

Apparently, when Shane joined the Reserves, part of the deal was that he was expected to give his recruiter the phone number of one other person a week that might be recruited to join. I was a little surprised at how much the military resembles a pyramid scheme. But nonetheless, the idea of me joining the military is very entertaining. So I told Shane to give my number to his recruiter because that's one conversation I think I could learn a lot from. Anyone else who thinks this is entertaining, let me know. I'll have Shane pass on your number to his recruiter.