Thursday, December 29, 2005

My first ticket ever

Nicolle and I were driving home from getting Indian food with Kelly last night. Going down the interstate when we realize that everyone is going 50 because there's a cop in the right lane who is also going 50. (Posted Speed Limit is 55)

My solution? Go 50 with everyone else.

Nicolle's solution? "God damn it, Bagel! It's just a cop! You can go the fuckin' speed limit!"

So I speed up to 55. So I pass the cop. So the cop turns his lights on and pulls me over.

In a matter of 5 seconds I'm convinced that I'm going to jail for one of the following reasons:

(a) it's illegal to drive 55 in a 55 zone. everyone else in traffic knew that - why didn't I?!?!
(b) I'm drunk. I've been weaving. He could tell just by looking at us that I was trashed. ...oh yeah, and all this after less than a third of a beer.
(c) Nicolle's drunk. how could I have forgotten that it's illegal to drive with an intoxicated passenger?!!? she had one and a half beers and we're done for on account of it.

So for anyone of these three VERY legitimate reasons, I am obviously going to go immediately to jail. I'll have a record, and I'll never get into law school, and will I even get to go back to Dartmouth this winter? My life is officially over.

The cop approaches the car, and taps on my window for me to roll it down. I panic because it won't roll down. Oh yeah, turn the damn car on.

The cop tells us that he pulled us over because..... (here it comes, my life is over, i'll never get out of this, i'll not even be able to continue living).....the car has expired tags.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blind Date?

So Xmas has been very quiet and laid back. Not much to report.

But someone else back me up on this: My mom tells me last night that her coworker has a son my age and they (she and her coworker) think I should go on a date with this kid. Only problem is he's in Vail skiing for the rest of Xmas. So the coworker volunteered to drive me to Vail for the day to go on a date with this kid. That'd be ridiculously awkward right? I'm not the only one who thinks there's major potential for disaster and weirdness? Would anyone else do it?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

it's bloody FREEZING!

everyday i leave my apartment, the wires to my ipod headphones freeze, the snot in my nose freezes, and my eyelashes freeze together. i can't wait for saturday to come so i can go to denver where it's a balmy and sunny 32 degrees.

spring cannot come soon enough.

Monday, December 12, 2005

sisters are tools.

(but thanks, michelle, you were the best sister ever over thanksgiving. ;>)

had the best weekend EVER! or at least since Thanksgiving. i don't remember the last time i stayed in bed till noon and did absolutely nothing but had such a good time.

but, word of caution, Syriana is a baaaaad movie. I thought it was going to be good, and then i couldn't keep my eyes open during the first half hour. then a kid dies and that woke me up. for the rest of the movie, i was convinced that i had fallen asleep during that first half hour because even though i was pretty sure i had been awake, the movie was so damn confusing. turns out i didn't fall asleep and mike had no bloody clue what happened either even though he was awake for all of it.

other than that, the weekend was worth all of the drama that went into it beforehand.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

oh yeah.

and i have no spine, between cordelia and busket the two of them gave me so many "i can't believe you're not doing mock trial"s and "it won't be the same without you"s and "please reconsider"s that now i'm doing mock trial again this winter. bloody hell. how do i get suckered into these things time and time again?
although busket's on my team this winter - that'll be hilarious.

Way to call me out, Marlene! ;)

Alright, so between Thanksgiving and then finals, i've been a tool about posting. Sorry!!!

Highlights of my last few weeks:
Thanksgiving was an absolute fucking blast. I haven't had such a good thanksgiving in YEARS! My family is great, as always, my mom is hilarious (even when we hit a deer and killed it!!!), as always, and Paige, Elissa, and I went out to the bars for the first time together to celebrate Elissa's engagement. SOOOOO much fun!

I returned home from Thanksgiving to the most stress I've had since the beginning of the term. For finals, I had to write 44 pages worth of papers in 5 days. NO fun. Two of the three papers were decent. The third was horrible - it was 20 pages that I had to write in 2 days on 2 hours of sleep, and I was miserable!

But, now that's all behind me. finals are over, my roommates are gone, mike comes to visit tomorrow, i leave for home in a week for Xmas, and today is a damn good day. :)

that's about all there is in my life. Other than that... just some cute pictures from the past few weeks: