Friday, September 29, 2006

This is sick....


.... and yet i'm still kinda chuckling.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh, Biermann!

Got a blitz from Biermann last night about his one pitch stint on a friend's baseball team. He was subbing for his friend as a favor......

my first at bat:
i swing at a less-than-perfect pitch which hits off the bottom of the bat, the ball bounces right in front of the plate and hits me in the face

that's an out

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Facebook song

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I went jogging around the lake today and part way around I saw a guy walking in what looked like a black or brown cloak. The immediate memory this brings back to me are the weird kids at Dartmouth who would wear dungeons and dragons type cloaks freshman year. The kind that were in Phi Tau, and not like likely to get laid anytime soon.

The closer I got to this cloaked figure however, the more I realized he wasn't the dungeons and dragons type. Rather he was a seminarian (one of the guys here to study to enter the priesthood). The funny thing about it was that the robes were likely going to keep him from getting laid anytime soon as well.

What's the deal with robes and celibacy?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

ACLU = Death.

at the Legal Voices for Children and Youth meeting yesterday, the president (a guy named Ben) brought up an idea he had to go around and teach local kids about the constitution and civil liberties. he got the idea because he went to an 8th grade class for career day and asked the class if they knew who made the law. they voted unanimously that the police did.

anyway, so he suggests that this is a problem and maybe we could do something. In fact, he's pretty sure the ACLU puts out informational videos for kids on civil liberties.

Well, the meeting ended shortly thereafter because a class was starting in the same room. We didn't really get to finish the discussion. But after the meeting ended, Ben was approached by like 4 people (out of the 14 at the meeting) accusing him of making our organization too political and he's clearly sending the wrong message and he's going to alienate all of the conservatives who might want to help and on and on. all just by mentioning the word "ACLU" - I was shocked. what kind of whackjob school is this?!?!

I ran home to comfort myself by watching Bill Clinton on the Daily Show.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


There's a slight problem on the home front with Miss Kitty. She and her bff, Randy (whom she describes as :"He's gayer than a 3 dollar bill!"), are getting to be quite sassy. I've noticed as of late that she is a lot sassier in conversation and ridiculously blunt even if the situation doesn't require it.

For example, she told me that about a week ago she turned to a gal she works with and said: "You know, you really have a bad mouth" - apparently meaning the girl is vulgar or something. The girl was offended and told others that she thought Miss Kitty hates her now. I probably would have been hurt had a woman I worked with said that to me, but more importantly, last night when Randy said at work "Now I've stuck at lot of things in my orifice, but that isn't one of them!", Miss Kitty just giggled and didn't feel the need to lecture him about the quality of his mouth.

So clearly she's got her favorites in this world, and sucks to be the people who aren't on that list. Thus far, she hasn't directly turned her new attitude on me, so I'm lucky. And in the mean time, I sure get a kick out of hearing how ornery she's being, but here's hoping she doesn't become ornery to me anytime soon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Quote from my Criminal Law Prof.

I’ve been here a long time and there’s always a tendency to overreact after a loss like this. You’ve got to look at it like I do: [long pause] God let his people down.

-Tex Dutile-

Needless to say, we got our asses handed to us by Michigan this weekend. :(

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's Official

Paige's Announcement

I am the only single girl in the world. (And for the record, that line was meant to be sung to the tune of "The Only Living Boy in NY")

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's cases like this....

....that make me wanna be a personal injury lawyer:

Criag's List Baiting

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Apparently I'm supposed to hate this

First home game today - SOOOO much fun! Tailgating was crazy - looked more like a packed state fair than a college campus. And in the process I found out that I'm a little out of the loop when it comes to law school. Apparently, everyone's more or less hating it. Or at least doesn't like it all that much. We ran into a kid who Jack and Sarah knew and he's a 2L at chicago. He was wishing us luck and telling us not to worry that we hate law school, everyone 1L does. We all just kinda laughed it off and then went on our way. Walking away, I commented that I must be doing pretty good - I certainly don't hate law school. At the exact same time, both Sarah and Lynn responded "I Do!!' To which I inquired of everyone else: out of the 7 of us at the game, 2 of us don't hate law school, 2 do, and 3 strongly dislike it. I guess I'm ahead of the curve then.

Anyway, for visuals of the above mentioned people see pic below. (From L to R: Wendolyn, Lynn, Sarah, Jack, Jason, me)

I renew my allegiance to Saturday mornings.

This morning I woke up waaaaay to early (6:30) and had a stomachache. Then I started thinking about finals and that was enough to panic me out of bed. It’s my new favorite thing – whenever I’m only half paying attention this weird little gremlin (yes, that’s right, gremlin – what other animal form would finals come in?!?) pops in to my head and scares the crap out of me and makes me think I should be studying for exams that are 4 months away.

Anyway, that’s completely beside the point. My point is that I got out of bed and decided that now would be the perfect time to do laundry. So I head to the community center and realized that I don’t have the proper change to get quarters from the change machine. Next stop: the visitor parking lots. Even though it’s only 7 in the morning (and the game doesn’t start till 3:30), they are already filling up with tailgaters who want to get prime spots. 2 5’s and 1 10 later, I head back to the community center.

When I get to the laundry room, I find I’m no longer alone. Meet Joan Claire – a 2L from Portland who is very friendly. Before she leaves, she offers me her Civil Procedure study guide and gets my mail box so she can leave it in there for me. A study guide is a book published by an independent company (there are several of them) that is supposed to be a comprehensive guide to your law school courses. They run about 30 bucks each, and I’ve decided that it would probably be best not to use them unless I’m completely lost. But hell, I’m not going to turn down a free one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: early morning people are hands down the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I wonder if Brad Pitt is going to wait to get married until brothers & sisters and motheres & sons can get married:


I agree with his point mostly, but it was very awkwardly worded.


I am now the executive secretary for Legal Voices for Children and Youth.... woops!

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited because I think this is a perfect extracurricular to get involved with (they even train members to become guardian ad litem's for children in suspect abuse situations - basically you just investigate the situation and make a report to the court as to your findings of abuse or no abuse), but I probably should have been a little less hasty in signing up. On the flip side, I think it's going to be an amazing experience and I really think it might help me find funding for Africa as well as a possible job for the summer!

So, I guess the overall conclusion is YAY!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! HERE'S HOPING I DIDN'T JUST SIGN MY SUICIDE NOTE!!!!!


I did the one thing I told myself I was NOT allowed to do this year.

I ran for office.

They're tallying the votes now, I kinda hope I don't get it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Slow Learner

Yesterday I went to a meeting called "How to be Successful in Law School." It was a panel talk with 4 3Ls (the editor of ND's Law Review, the President of the Student Bar Association, the captain of the moot court team, and the executive officer of the Public Interes Law Forum) discussing their methods of success while in law school. There were a few standard, to-be-expected comments like "don't fall behind," "don't skip class," etc. One interesting commonality in all of their speeches, though, was that they all started out with a story of how when they were freshmen, they were too paranoid with work and studying. They spent all of their time in the library and all they did was work, work, work.

The take home message they wanted us to get out of that was that we shouldn't be too obsessive or anal retentive our 1L year. We'd be happier with balance, we need to calm down. Cuz once they hit their 2L year they slowed down on the work and started doing other things and then they felt happier/more balanced/etc.

The take home message I got? Well, clearly everyone of these students is at the very top of his/her game. They have the most prestigious spots one can have here at ND Law, and every single one of them spent their whole freshman year in the library, obsessing over work and not much else, and then their 2L year they tackled extra curriculars and got to the top of those, and then their 3L year, they had all of the positions most coveted here. All four of them had almost the exact same story. So, CLEARLY, despite their warnings and advice, I need to be doing EXACTLY what they did if I want to succeed here.

The ironic bit is that maybe this is evidence of how I'm a slow learner. And slow learners probably aren't going to succeed in law school....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Hillary v. McCain

McCain wins.

Unfortunately. Although he sure as hell isn't as bad as Bush.

I wanna be a sex & the city girl

Before I end up as a settled, hopefully successful, midwestern wife/mom/attorney/judge what have you, I really want a chance to be a sex & the city girl. Today in Legal Writing I sat by a window, with the sun on my back and an incredibly dull lecture in front of me and somewhere in the mix I started wishing I lived in Boston. This is a new habit of mine - in times of good weather, I randomly start thinking longingly of life in Boston on the one hand and being a Miranda-type NY lawyer on the other.

It's incredibly bizarre if you know me. I don't like big cities, I hate New York, I love the midwest, and for years I've told any who'll listen that I'm going to settle down and spend the rest of my life somewhere between the Rockies and the Appalachians. But now adays, somewhere between my homesickness for Hanover and the culture shock of adapting back to life in the Midwest (where as Mike found out everyone is on the surface exactly the same), I feel a total drive to go back to the East Coast at the very first opportunity. This is so bizarre, I'm almost ashamed to admit it. But for right now, my plan is to go to Boston (I could never be a true Sex & the City girl in the NY sense) after I graduate and spend my first few years living the Miranda lifestyle until I'm ready to settle down with a guy and a family.

But one addendum to that lifestyle: this weekend we fed the ducks again a couple of times and at one point, I had four ducks eating out of my hands. Mike, ever the NYer, was terrified and grossed out. So I only want to be Miranda to the point that I can still have ducks eat out of my hands. Which to me says Miranda and Charlotte combo. The job and lifestyle of Miranda without the hardassedness. Who knows, maybe I'll do the whole born-again virgin thing too. ;)