Friday, February 29, 2008

Snip, snip!

Poor Hank the Tank is becoming an "un-man" today. I just dropped him off to get neutered. He probably won't be too happy with us, but we are really hoping this gets him to stop acting like a teenage boy.

And as an update to our experiment, there was very little blatant hostility towards me on the Hillary-shirt day (although some people were rude). There were a lot of people who wanted to come up to me and tell me why they hate her. I guess I should have expected this; if I'm going to broadcast to everyone around my opinion on the subject, they feel the right to tell me what they think. They were sorely disappointed, however, when I didn't want to discuss or debate them on it. I'm a Hillary fan through and through, and if (although these days it's looking like "when") she loses, I'll gladly join the Obama camp. Until then, bitches get stuff done.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experiment Day

Today is the day Lynn and I are going to conduct our experiment. I hope people don't throw rocks. Or Constitutional Law books. Those suckers are big.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I did it!!!!

Hot diggity damn!

**Update: in light of the fact that Michelle's response to me was "Did what?" I probably need to be a little more clear. Carla in the Career Services Office informed me this morning that I need to change my signature block on my emails... her suggestion:

Bagel Hamilton
JD Candidate, 2009
Editor in Chief, Journal of College and University Law
University of Notre Dame Law School

Are you there God? It's me Bagel.

My apologies for not blogging in a while. I've been sick for about a week now with an on-again-off-again fever and congestion, and in the mean time, a lot of things have been up in the air that I felt weird about blogging about until all was resolved. Whenever things are unsettled I can't help but think of the book, "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." That's really neither here nor there (especially since most days I fancy myself a borderline atheist), but these are the things that have had me preoccupied as of late...

*Editor in Chief elections are tonight for my law journal. Wish me luck! Apparently elections can be rather intense; the question and answer sessions are open grill-fests where people are prone to say "People say you have X character flaw. Do you think you have that flaw and explain why it wouldn't make you a bad EIC." Ask my sisters - I don't do well with criticism. Like I said... WISH ME LUCK!

*Poopsie (a.k.a. my dad) was in the hospital at the end of last week. About 3 weeks ago, he was sick and worried that he might be having a stroke. One short ambulance trip and a very painful spinal tap later, they sent him home with a prognosis of meningitis and vertigo. For two weeks he was sick, dizzy, and nauseous until finally he went back to the doctor and was properly diagnosed as having had a stroke the first time and another stroke in the period between when the ER first released him and when he went back in. He's out of the hospital now, hopefully for a while.

*Court's boyfriend, Shane, who joined the reserves last year at this time just found out he will be deployed in about year. He doesn't know where he's going yet; he only knows he'll be gone for 12 months. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I'm going to work on conjuring up some more good news, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I've got to work on my speech.

Friday, February 15, 2008

As Promised!

Mike really does take amazing photos...

Irish Tacos!

So picking up baby Aiden was amazing; he's perfect and adorable and TINY! I don't have the pix yet, but will post them soon.

In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Tacos!!!!!! She got into her Dublin foreign study program, which is a very selective program. After applying, she's been telling me all year that she wasn't going to get in because there were so many kids who applied. But today she told me she got in!!! HOORAY!!!!! I'm so proud and so So SO excited to go visit her in Ireland. I've never been!

*tear* She's so cool.

T-150 minutes!

Baby Dinkeneh comes home in 2.5 hours!!!!!!!!!

Today is a surreal day. Given how much we've talked about this kid, both the actual Dinkeneh and the hypothetical Ethiopian child waiting for Chris and Christina, for so many months, it feels sort of funny today that we'll actually get to meet the living, breathing real deal. Which means I can't even begin to imagine what Christina and Chris were going through two weeks ago as they prepared to go pick him up. And given the little tidbits that we've picked up from them here and there as they've been on the trip, I'm sure he'll be just as amazing as everyone's anticipated for so long.

As always, pictures soon to follow, I'm sure!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Goodness, My Givner!

Little Miss Sarah Givner comes to visit me today! :) I still have no idea what the allure of middle-of-nowhere Indiana is such that I've had so many Dartmouth visitors since coming to school here, but Hey! I'm not complaining! Stay tuned for pix/stories of our ultimate girls night v-day party. (Also, I have no idea why my head and hair both look 4 times their normal size in that picture, but as it turns out, Givner and I have very few official pix together, so I had to go with this one. We shall try to rectify that travesty this weekend!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Harry Potter and the Supreme Court

Tonight I was reading a case on whether or not the police have the right to arrest someone for traffic violations when in fact are just using the traffic violation arrest as a pretext to be able to search the alleged perpetrator for evidence of other crimes. (ex: they pulled these defendants over for a "traffic violation" but really it was cuz they suspected the kids of doing drugs)

First sign that the defendants were out of luck: Justice Scalia wrote the opinion.

By way of introduction, for those who don't know, Justice Scalia is one of the most conservative Justices currently on the Supreme Court. In other words, he and I almost always disagree. The problem with Scalia, however, is that while I disagree with his conclusion, it is hard to challenge how he got there. He is one of the best arguers out there.

Tonight for example, I was reading this opinion and he starts out innocuously enough. He was just restating the facts of the case and the arguments that the defendants put forth. But the more I read the opinion, the more I kept thinking: "IT'S A TRAP!" Poor defendants never had a chance. And what's more, the longer I read this opinion, the more I had a mental image of Severus Snape writing the opinion. I'm a nerd, I know, but I personally think the resemblance is just a tad uncanny...

p.s. For those of you who think I have officially gone of the law school deep end, I'm inclined to agree.


Lynn and I are going to conduct an experiment: back during football season our friend Lauren wore a USC jersey to the Notre Dame-USC game. The hostility that her jersey provoked was really surprising. People were calling her nasty names and threatening her with acts that I wouldn't dare post on here. When Lauren complained about this, lots of her friends even recounted with a, "Well. What did you expect?"

This comment is a little absurd, given the severity of what she encountered and another friend of ours likened it to saying that a woman who was raped deserved what she got because she dresses provocatively. That issue aside, Lynn and I have decided to conduct a little experiment. We just ordered Hillary shirts and buttons and we are going to see which is worse at Notre Dame: a USC fan or a Hillary fan? Stay tuned for the results...

Sunday, February 10, 2008


God is smiting me today because yesterday I was thinking to myself: "well, winter hasn't been that bad this year."

This morning, I woke up and it is 4 degrees and -18 with wind chill. I don't think I'll be leaving my apartment any time soon today.

And speaking of apartments...

I FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE IN CHICAGO THIS SUMMER! :D The place is oh-so-cute, and while it's about 6 miles from work (which means a commute everyday), it is 3 blocks from the lake! Word on the street is that every Saturday night over the summer, Navy Pier has fireworks, and if you walk the short distance to the beach, you can see em. Sweet!

Mark your calendars for my giant birthday blowout in June. It's going to be huge - and living out of town is no excuse for not being there.

(In case you were wondering, all of those pictures are just generic Chicago pictures, with the exception of the bottom one. That's my office building for this summer. Big Law here I come!)

Friday, February 08, 2008

She's so cool, she gets paid to go to school.

My big sister, the Grad Student, went to a Hillary rally in Seattle last night. The blurry poster in the back is her! (The title of the last post was stolen from her, fyi)

this little feminist chicky is shedding a tear of pride this morning. ;)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Heart Belongs to Hillary.

(Warning: offensively liberal/biased post)

The elections this year have me really fired up, as anyone who has spent any time with me in the last month or so knows. Whenever anyone tries to compare Clinton and Obama, I generally run the other way. I'm not one to easily shy away from debate, but I've found that all too often, a discussion of the differences between Obama and Clinton quickly turns into a Hillary-hating session unless everyone present is a Clinton supporter.

In my experiences, the most benign of Clinton opponents all to frequently say that they "just don't like her," and they can't really say why. The most vehement Hillary-haters frequently level their attacks against her as a person, and yet when I listen to any of them I always feel very threatened, not as a Clinton supporter but as a woman. I will not accuse everyone who opposes Clinton of being a sexist, and indeed, I think that the worst Hillary haters give all Clinton opponents an undeserved bad name because of the sexist way in which they frame the battle. Even so, my sister forwarded me an article this morning that really does get at the heart of this battle: America faults Hillary Clinton for her womanhood in a way that we would never EVER consider faulting Barrack Obama for his race.

Watching Senator Obama give a speech at his results-watching party last night, I found myself very drawn to him. He would make a great candidate, and part of me wonders if someone like Clinton, who inspires so much intense and irrational hatred in so many because of her gender (even if they don't admit it), is a weaker candidate than Obama because she is polarizing in a way that McCain isn't. But as soon as I voice that concern, I double my resolve for Clinton. I hate that I find myself doubting a strong woman who is a MORE than qualified candidate for the sole reason that others hate her for being the strong woman that I admire. And I will be more than happy to support Obama if he is the democratic candidate. However, before the Democrats pick their candidate, I cannot and will not support any candidate other than Clinton unless he acknowledges the damage that Hillary opponents do to women everywhere and unless he can promise me that despite running against her, he is taking an active stand against those Hillary-haters, and the ideologies they represent.

(For reference, HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton, BO = Barrack Obama)

"Goodbye To All That (#2)" by Robin Morgan

Goodbye to the double standard . . .
When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

Goodbye to the toxic viciousness . . .
Carl Bernstein's disgust at Hillary’s “thick ankles.” Nixon-trickster Roger Stone’s new Hillary-hating 527 group, “Citizens United Not Timid” (check the capital letters). John McCain answering “How do we beat the bitch?" with “Excellent question!” Would he have dared reply similarly to “How do we beat the black bastard?” For shame.

Goodbye to the HRC nutcracker with metal spikes between splayed thighs. If it was a tap-dancing blackface doll, we would be righteously outraged—and they would not be selling it in airports. Shame.

Goodbye to the most intimately violent T-shirts in election history, including one with the murderous slogan “If Only Hillary had married O.J. Instead!” Shame.

Goodbye to the sick, malicious idea that this is funny. This is not “Clinton hating,” not “Hillary hating.” This is sociopathic woman-hating. If it were about Jews, we would recognize it instantly as anti-Semitic propaganda; if about race, as KKK poison. Hell, PETA would go ballistic if such vomitous spew were directed at animals. Where is our sense of outrage—as citizens, voters, Americans?

Goodbye to a campaign where he has to pass as white (which whites—especially wealthy ones—adore), while she has to pass as male (which both men and women demanded of her, and then found unforgivable).

Goodbye, goodbye to blaming anything Bill Clinton does on Hillary (even including his womanizing like the Kennedy guys—though unlike them, he got reported on). Let’s get real. If he hadn’t campaigned strongly for her everyone would cluck over what that meant. Enough of Bill and Teddy Kennedy locking their alpha male horns while Hillary pays for it.

Goodbye to some women letting history pass by while wringing their hands, because Hillary isn’t as “likeable” as they’ve been warned they must be, or because she didn’t leave him, couldn’t “control” him, kept her family together and raised a smart, sane daughter. (Think of the blame if Chelsea had ever acted in the alcoholic, neurotic manner of the Bush twins!) Goodbye to some women pouting because she didn’t bake cookies or she did, sniping because she learned the rules and then bent or broke them. Grow the hell up. She is not running for Ms.-perfect-pure-queen-icon of the feminist movement. She’s running to be president of the United States.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Recipe for Disaster

- One Part Extreme Boredom
- Two Parts Exasperated Law Students
- One Honda CRV
- 50 dollars worth of Expedia coupons

Allow to sit for 12 hours, while you finish other projects. Then, hit the road for MARDI GRAS, ST. LOUIS STYLE! :D

Lynn and I at the hotel bar. I turned into a kleptomaniac this weekend - notice the stolen beads, hat, AND sunglasses. I got to keep the last 2, the hat had to go back.

Randos from the bar. These guys were part of a bachelor party from Chicago. They came dressed in a bunch of polyester and otherwise hideous-looking suits that they had bought at good will.

Lynn & Dave: the guy who saved us on our shuttle from Drunky McDrunkerson who kept asking us if we had "any blow."