Friday, July 27, 2007

Miss Kitty goes to the club

I'm going home to Denver next weekend for 2 weels to interview at law firms for next summer, and as part of that, I'm also setting up informational meetings with alumni lawyers of Notre Dame and Dartmouth, basically just trying to get anyone and everyone who'll meet me to have lunch. One such alumni, who I found through the Dartmouth Lawyer's Association just agreed to meet with me today and suggested we have lunch at the Denver Country Club.

Well, I called Miss Kitty before I confirmed with him to see if she knew where the Denver Country Club is. "No, I don't," she told me. "But I'm sure we can find it." She paused for a minute and then said"...Can I come too? I'll sit in the corner and not make a peep."

My mother, ladies and gentlemen, who FULLY intends to live vicariously through me when I'm a lawyer.

And now for the softer side of life...

Moving past the offensively liberal tone of the last post, I've got a new blog to share. My friend Christina from law school is in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia with her husband, Chris. The two are going to be fantastic parents, and have been through quite the adventure trying to get their baby (or babies - their application states they're willing to take multiples). They have a blog where they chronicle their journeys and also have links to other blogs written by families adopting from Ethiopia.

This morning, with the help of Chris and Christina, I discovered Maia Papaya's blog, and I completely adore it. Check it out - she's precious.

And now for my desperate plea: SERIOUSLY, Hamilton girls! When is one of you going to get your act together and have a baby?!?!? I am not meant to be a mom yet, but you rat bastards are keeping me from what I see as being my life's destiny: Aunt Bagel.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Republican Fundraiser or Disgusting Inculcation of Militant Values?

On behalf of Big Colle, I am giving everyone an advance warning that this entry is bound to be one of my offensively liberal pieces. Reader, beware.

This morning I heard a piece on NPR about a Republican fundraiser in Manchester, NH. Excited & nostalgic though I was to hear the upcoming NH primary season metioned, I couldn't help but be appalled when I heard the focus of this fundraiser: a machine gun shoot. Apparently, for 25 bucks a person, you can shoot a machine gun that is standard military issue. Even kids get to join in the fun, which promoters (according to NPR) were touting as a "family event." Now, I'm no dummy; I know NPR is totally left-biased, so I decided to research the event more when I got to work to see if it was for real.

Contrary to what NPR made it sound like, this is not as part of the Republican presidential race but is just for the local Republican party. But still, I couldn't help but think of what an easy time I'd have turning this event into a really sick and twisted depiction of how brutal and militaristic our society is. Imagine, mom, dad, grandma and grandpa bringing out the kids for a fun day in the park where instead of swinging or playing with other children, they learn how to fire automatic weapons! I feel really sick just thinking about it. Gun control is not an issue I feel particularly passionate about, but this summer, I've seen some truly sick depictions of guns in everyday life (including the day that I was looking out the window of our house to see one of the neighbors tromping through our back yard carrying his pride and joy: a shotgun, to show the neighbors. We have a flipping baby in the house, and there were at least 3 kids in the surrounding yards all under the age of 5. I'm not particularly passionate about gun control but I AM passionate about keeping guns away from kids.

Then, to add to the brilliance of the whole event, there was this comment posted by a JUDGE about the event:

This will be a great event for the whole family. Gun's are what keeps this great country free. So I encourage all freedom loving Americans to attend this event. and I find it unfortunate that Chris Pappas does not my support my personal freedoms even though I support his.
- Hon. Robert A. Burns, Manchester NH

I'm sorry, but guns don't equal freedom. Guns equal FORCE. Freedom comes when you don't have to use guns to force your way of life or point of view on others. I'm not saying that guns aren't necessary at times, nor am I saying that we shouldn't be free to own guns, but seriously?!?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


aight, already. the poll is on the RIGHT. putzes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Bagel Poll

So blogspot has this sweet new feature! See left....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rainy days and mondays

It's raining this morning - definite bad omen. I spilled soda all down my pants this morning, forgot my keys in the office bathroom (could have been a BIG disaster, as i still have the enterprise key chain on there that lists the make/model, year, and color of my car), my favorite purple umbrella broke, and i'm downright exhausted. I got home from Chicago at midnight last night after my first meet and greet reception at Jenner & Block. All in all, I was very impressed - especially after talking to Tom, a rising 3L I know from Notre Dame who works there this summer. But bouncing back from my 8 hours of driving yesterday is proving a tad difficult. I might try and sneak out the back of the office soon and run to starbucks.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


so cold in the office today! i have a space heater less than a foot away from my legs in the middle of July - go figure.

saw harry potter last night, and was pretty disappointed. somewhere b/t the rushed plot (who thinks it's a good idea to turn the longest book in the series into the shortest film?) and the obnoxious teenage girls sitting next to me who repeatedly clapped loudly when they saw a scene they recognized from the book, laughed at very inappropriate moments and were very vocal and swoony over their love for ronald weasly, i decided that i'm going to rent this movie when it comes out on DVD, pretend i'd never seen it, and give it one more shot. although, I loved the characters of umbridge and luna and wished they'd been given more time to develop them b/c i thought the actresses were brilliant.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My late-night calls.

Two nights in a row at 10:30 pm and 10:32 pm someone from King of Prussia, PA has called me and not left a message. If this someone is you, I don't pick up unknown numbers, so (610) 337-9080, you either need to leave a message or find some other way to contact me.

On another note, this has lead to lots of curiosity on my part as to who my friend in King of Prussia is. I think if it were a telemarketer, they wouldn't call so late and at the exact same time both nights. It's not the dartmouth hater (who does live in PA but not that area) and I don't believe it's my only other (known) friend in PA. Wonder who it is?!?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


finally google stopped listing this blog when people google my name and school, so i can rest easy and apply to firms without taking it down. or at least i think i'm safe...

...god help me if i get rejected because i'm offensively liberal. or offensively stupid.

On to bigger & better

This week I marked the half-way point of my summer job. Today I sent out my third, fourth, and fifth resume/cover letter bundle for a job for NEXT summer. If you haven't heard me go on about this before, (and if you have - bear with me) law school is like being on the most settled and definite of five-year tracks. This August and September I'm going to be interviewing with law firms for my jobs for next summer, and so long as I don't drastically screw things up, that's supposed to turn into my job after I graduate. Plus, it's pretty difficult to switch jobs your first few years out there, so it'll likely be my job for a good 3 or 4 years. The process is so settled that I would guess a good 60% of law students out there are doing the same thing (the others are still looking at public interest, government work, clerkships or the like). I'm not actually complaining - I like how definite it is, and if I can just get a good job in the next few months, then I'll be pretty settled for the next few years or so.

The problem is: WHERE THE FLIP DO I WANNA WORK?!?!?! Last year around this time, I decided that I really wanted to live in Boston. Not sure why, but every time I looked outside (mind you, with my feet planted firmly in Indiana), I felt like Boston was the place for me. The four years before that (the whole time I was at Dartmouth), I kept saying how the east coast wasn't for me, and I wanted to go back to the midwest to be near my family. And now a days, I really like the idea of getting a kick-ass apartment in Chicago. Plus, Mark is selling me on the idea of DC - where the winters are the least heinous of all my options. That's a big plus given that i've spent my last 5 years in the worst winter conditions possible in the continental US.

Location indecisiveness aside, there's also the pay/quality of life difference too. In Boston or DC, I'd likely be getting paid more, a LOT more. (Like on the order of 40K relative to Denver, and 60-75K relative to Omaha.) But life in a big firm is MUCH more easy to manage in Denver or Nebraska than it is on the east coast.

I guess what I'm saying is: does someone want to tell me where to go next summer? I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Oh, and I used to debate the merits of Seattle, but now my stupid sister has a stupid boy who lives in stupid California. ALTHOUGH, word on the street is that he was debating a move to be closer to said stupid sister. Stupid Sister, care to comment?