Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Year, New Blog

I already have a xanga, but I think that Blog is a ton prettier. So now that I am officially 21 years and one day old, it's time to start a new blog. Last year at this time I remember asking Terri and Julie at the daycare if they think that it's true that you change your personality every 7 years. And they were all curious as to how exactly I was planning on changing. THANK GOD I didn't tell them (or go through with it), but I would say I've changed a lot in other ways during the past year.

I finally travelled out of the States - that was a long time coming, and lived in Argentina for two months. I really can't believe I actually went through with that! (though I came damned near close to backing out and making Angeles hate me forever) I got through some major depression when all of my friends were gone in the fall. I left the islands.... and all the drama that goes along with that! ;) I almost failed a class -GULP- and still have a hard time talking about it. Mock Trial drama never seemed to end, and now I don't even know if I want to keep it up anymore (a sad way to end one of the more important and time-consuming parts of my college career). And now I'm a senior. The scariest thing in the whole world. Plus, it's the start of a new seven year cycle. I think during the next seven years I'm going to become a goddess. That's my goal. I'll let you know in 7 years how it went.