Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cheesy Last Day Montage.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Live Blogging, the Final Final!

This final is kind of a joke and is open-book AND open-internet. So I've decided to live blog it.**

8:42 am. MOTHERLOAD! Free dum dums in the lounge. I stole all the cream soda dum dums. This is going to be a fun final.

8:54 am. No one seems too concerned. Lynn is chatting about her job offer from yesterday (YAY!). Becky is in the corner discussing America's Next Top Model.

8:59 am. The color of the day is teal. Three girls sitting in front of me, each with some variation of teal somewhere on their bodies.

9:05 am. Just got back from the room where the exams are handed out. Noticed Kendall, my arch nemesis, wearing a blindingly white button down shirt. I judged.

9:06 am. Sentimental moment for my last scantron sheet of all time.

9:14 am. 5 multiple choice questions down. Opened my first dum dum.

9:19 am. Used my outline for the first time on Question 6. Bit through my first dum dum, but got a nasty glare from the front row. Need to chew more quietly in the future.

9:21 am. "Use the following illustration" - this is one ugly illustration. No color, no pictures, no rainbows. Laaaaaame.

9:24 am. Filled in a bubble very sloppily. Spent more time correcting the mistake than answering the question.

9:27 am. Started second dum dum. I hope no one notices that when I eat dum dums and drink from a straw, I insert the stick of the dum dum and sip with the dum dum in my mouth.

9:37 am. I've finished half the exam pages - hooray!

9:43 am. Hit the True-False section. I wonder if this will be my last True-False exam of my life???

9:50 am. Bad Decision #1 (for today) was wearing a sweater. My arms itch.

10:07 am. Finished all of the multiple choice questions. SO bored. Just want to be done. Did not make my 10 am cutoff time.

10:22 am. Non-multiple choice part of the exam DEFINITELY not as fun as the multiple choice part. Oh well.

10:36 am. Finished the non-multiple choice part, with the exception of 2 subsections that I marked to come back to later. My eyes are tired - Can't imagine how Wendoline feels after only 1 hour of sleep!!!

10:42 am. AND I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap - I just finished my last exam of all time!!!!!!!! No one else has finished yet, so I might chill in the room a while longer before I leave.

10:44 am. I still have three dum dums left. I think I'll save them for graduation. We'll do a lot of sitting during graduation.

10:45 am. This is quite the buzzkill for the end of my final.

10:48 am. Okay, I'm going to go turn this sucker in. You may return to your regularly scheduled programming. Have a lovely day!

**No GPAs were harmed in the posting of this blog entry. I'm enrolled in this class pass-fail, folks. It's going to be okay.

"Peace Out, Home Fries."

Today is my last. Exam. FOREVER!

Tonight is the Party to End All Parties, Part 1.

I promise an appropriately reflective/sentimental post later. In the meantime, feast your eyes on our lovely cake for tonight's party:

Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Little Corner of the World, Final Finals Version

This picture was taken this morning right before I started my Federal Courts final. It shows the things that got me through every final I've taken since the start of law school. They've only got to get me through two more finals, and then it's ciao, chickies!

1. Diet Soda. I have the worst addiction to Diet Coke & Diet Dr. Pepper, thanks to law school. I didn't realize how bad it was until the day after my last final, 1L year. I didn't drink any soda because I didn't need any, or so I thought. By the afternoon, I had the worst headache of my life and I realized just how addicted I've become.

First things first this summer, I WILL get over my addiction to diet soda before it kills me.

2. My Power Cord. You might not think this is a big deal, but I can go from sane to crazy meltdown in roughly .694 seconds when I realize that I've left my power cord at home. I spend at least 4 hours a day on my computer. And for a three hour final, a power cord is a must. I bought a new power cord just to get me through this finals period.

3. My ID Card and Purple Pens. You never know when you'll need a purple pen (I used mine twice this morning), and the ID contains my all important exam number because law school has anonymous grading.

4. My Apple. I love you. I love you soooo much. You have yet to fail me during a final, and if you get me through the next week without failing, I will buy you a puppy.

5. Ear Plugs. I'm so high strung that I can't even hear other people typing during a final without panicking, just a little bit. And I'm not alone. Every other law student I know wears these puppies during finals. Can you say neurotic much?

6. The Table of Contents. Last night I got mocked for making a table of contents for my 45-page outline. But nothing is quite as satisfying as making a table of contents when I finish an outline. The table of contents makes me feel accomplished. It's the little things.

7. Erwin Chemerinsky. The man is a god and a genius and my savior, all rolled into one. His supplements taught me more than any text book ever did, even if they cost an arm & a leg. If Chemerinsky ever calls me up and says: "Dear Bagel, I want your first born child," I will say "He/she will be on your doorstep by the end of the day." And if I don't have a first born child at that time, I will steal one.

It's like that.

Big Colle once went to a concert where the group did "One Week," by Barenaked Ladies, a capella. The lead singer introduced the song by saying that it's a lot like sex... You spend days, weeks, months, maybe even years preparing and perfecting your art.

And then it's over in less than 5 minutes.

Something about my final this morning reminds me of that story. Maybe I haven't spent years on this class, and maybe I haven't even spent all the months that I should have on it, but at the very least, I've spent over 8 hours a day for the last week in a windowless room with the Dartmouth Hater preparing. I know I'll show up for the exam, get my blood pressure worked into quite the frenzy, stick my ear plugs in (NECESSITY), start working furiously and not stop for the next three hours. And when it's all said and done, I'll black out the experience for the most part and just hope to hell it went okay.

Almost like sex. ;)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Fight crazy with crazy.

Lynn's picture is famous! Check out what the Wonkette has to say about ND Crazies.

Also, the post asks readers to prank call the organization sponsoring the planes and the trucks (did I mention that they have added semi trucks parked outside Notre Dame's gates declaring Obama is Hitler??? See below for an example of their trucks.).

You throw your crazies at us, we'll throw our crazies at you.