Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rainy days and mondays

It's raining this morning - definite bad omen. I spilled soda all down my pants this morning, forgot my keys in the office bathroom (could have been a BIG disaster, as i still have the enterprise key chain on there that lists the make/model, year, and color of my car), my favorite purple umbrella broke, and i'm downright exhausted. I got home from Chicago at midnight last night after my first meet and greet reception at Jenner & Block. All in all, I was very impressed - especially after talking to Tom, a rising 3L I know from Notre Dame who works there this summer. But bouncing back from my 8 hours of driving yesterday is proving a tad difficult. I might try and sneak out the back of the office soon and run to starbucks.


LaurenCady said...

Looks like an interesting firm. Hope you had fun! I miss you!