Thursday, March 01, 2007

*hides face*

Lynn is in 3 weddings this summer, starting in May. Lynn has decided to go tanning to get read for these weddings. Lynn invited me to go with her last night. Bagel is STUPID. Bagel forgets how poorly she tans. Bagel tells the attendant she wants 12 minutes. Bagel inwardly laughs at the look of shock the tanning attendant gives her. Bagel thinks: "HAHAHA! I spit on your time limits!" Bagel tans for 12 minutes.

Bagel wakes up this morning. Bagel thinks: "Damn! it's hot in this apartment." Bagel goes to get ready and looks at herself in the mirror. Bagel jumps (seriously) and gasps. Then Bagel collapses in a fit of giggles (hopefully not waking up the roommate).

Bagel looks like a fool! (seriously, my head is ridiculously red, except of course for the huge white circles under my eyes. where is angeles when I need someone to remind me what a giant moron I am before I do such moronic things?!?!)


Anonymous said...

Bagel is a dork. 12 minutes? What in the hell was she thinking?
Chelle knows that she can only tan 5 minutes max when she starts. Bagel reminded Chelle she wants to try the spray tan tonight so her cleavage doesn't look so ghostly white this weekend.

Bagel - keep your fingers crossed that Chelle doesn't come out looking like an orange!!!

Anonymous said...

You wrote that Lynn is going tanning to get read for the wedding - you may want to change that.

Elissa Yost said...

Meg you crack me up...12 minutes=craziness