Saturday, March 03, 2007

"I can't live... if livin is without you!"

The power adapter to my laptop is on the fritz. I think some wires are kinked from wrapping the cord around too many times, and so it is being very temperamental and has given out on me several times in the last 24 hours. This is SO not the time for such antics, and so I'm stuck in the library computer lab, rotating between my laptop (when it decides it wants to work) and the lab computers.

Every time I get my laptop to work and start working on it again, I am reminded of how much I love my apple (stupid mo'foing power cord aside). All it takes for my extreme apple frustration and hatred to dissipate is 30 minutes on the dell lab computers. Functionality, speed, compatability and all of those other useful features essential to computers aside, my apple is just infinitely prettier, hands down. And that my friends, is all that matters to a vain, materialistic girl like me. ;)


kickin24 said...

First your computer and now your cell phone.

I think what we need to do for your phone, wallet, purse, etc. is tie them all to a big string and then safety pin them to the front of your shirt, kinda like kindergarden. This way it's more difficult for you to lose them. ;)


kickin24 said...

Did you find your phone yet?

Anonymous said...

You are technically challenged this week...

Big Colle

Anonymous said...

How's Dartmouth? No updates? :(