Monday, March 19, 2007

Towing Cars

This afternoon we were chilling on a bench in South Quad because we didn't want to be inside anymore. Up walks Lauren who just got back from driving her boyfriend to pick up his car - it got towed from her apartment this weekend. She was telling the story of how they had no clue it had been towed for *hours*, and her exact comment was: "his car was parked like RIGHT outside my apartment. You'd think we'd notice the f*cking car being towed away." It was an entertaining story to hear her tell, it was all the more entertaining because right as she delivers the line about the "f*cking car" Father Coughlin, the priest who teaches first-year ethics class, walked up behind us and told us hello.

And speaking of towing cars, apparently my mom's apartment complex noticed today that she had expired tags on her car (tsk, tsk, Miss Kitty - you're terrible at this) and took it upon themselves to have her car towed! Seriously! My only reaction is - who the heck do they think they are?!?! I mean, granted, I have personally yelled at my mom numerous times because she IS terrible at this stuff and I've was pulled over while driving on her expired tags a couple years ago. This is quite possibly the most absurd thing I've ever heard. It's not like they were trying to get back at my mom for other issues - she's never late on her rent, she's lived there for almost 3 years now, and the worst they have on her is that she got a ticket for parking in the handicapped spot once. And it's not as though she has more cars than she's allowed to have (she has one) or she has a non-functioning defunct car chilling in their lot. It's a nice subaru outback that she drives daily so they have no reason to think she just stuck a car in her lot and let it sit. Bah, I am outraged for her. Cuz you know me, I need a reason to get outraged - it's how I keep myself young and lively. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm not sure where the personal property rules are with this situation, but apparently it'll be over $200 to get the car out, and then another $200 to get the tags updated and such.

To be fair, she did get a ticket on her window saying she had three days to get them updated. She should have called the complex then.


Anonymous said...

Did you choose your bridesmaid's dress yet? This is of great interest to at least one of your readers!

Megan Hamilton said...

No dress as of yet... I need to find a place that sells that designer so I can try some on. My guess is the halter will fit best, but I like the second choice the best if it fits.

Anonymous said...

What's the designer?

Megan Hamilton said...

Alfred Angelo