Thursday, July 31, 2008

The last remaining SF pix

Tomorrow I'm leaving San Francisco, and after a quick detour to see Matt & Sunny get married in Vegas, I go back to Chicago for two more weeks before summer is officially over. San Francisco is awesome, and I'm crossing my fingers that I get an offer in both the San Francisco office and the Chicago office by the end of summer. I just thought I'd take this opportunity to post a few more SF pictures before I leave.

(Big Wenger is coming to town today to run in the San Francisco Marathon, so I may have a few more pictures to post before all is said and done...)

This is actually not a very good view, but I took it halfway up a huge hill to give myself an excuse to stop climbing for a little bit.

Weekend 1: Kelly and I went to Napa! (That's me and that's Napa)

That's Kelly and that's Napa

That's Rombauer Vineyard, just a pretty one we visited.

The view from Rombauer Vineyard.

Last Sunday, I drove this ridiculous looking go cart (that was GPS guided) all around San Francisco. It was foggy and freezing, but I got some good views!

I hope you don't need me to tell you what this is.

This is the view from Lombard St. People will tell you it's the curviest street in the world, but they are lying to you. Just ask the cab driver who got us hellishly lost, just so he could show us the actual curviest street in the world.

Berkeley wants to cut down a small grove of trees in order to expand its football stadium. Apparently, this was not okay with the Berkeley hippies, and they were hard up for something to protest. SOOOO, the moved into the trees, and have been living there for over a year! I had to go see the tree people before I left, but my camera wasn't good enough to get pictures of their tree houses all the way at the tops of the trees. Word on the street is that one woman even gave birth up in the trees. Now, most San Franciscans and Berkeley people just find it annoying because they have to pay some 10-15 police guards to stand around the trees 24-7. An article in the NYT from a year ago about the tree people.

Looks like the tree people are going on two years, almost.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life ain't so bad

Whew! I've had a whirlwind of stuff to deal with the last two days. Yesterday I sent out offers to the 2Ls to join our staff and they had less than 48 hours to respond. I've been calling 2Ls, making lists and charts and backup lists and backup charts, calling more 2Ls, and fielding responses via email like a madwoman. Much to my frustration, with 30 minutes left to go before the 2L deadline, I still had to hear back from 8 people. With 15 minutes left to go, I had to leave for a firm event and still had 5 people left to hear from. Then I went to Stanford where we participated in a 2 hour scavenger hunt. 2 hours of walking around a hot campus after 2 days of journal madness, and I came home utterly beat. I crashed on the sofa and started reading blogs, when I found this story.

California Bar Exam

I guess there was an earthquake in Southern California today, with an epicenter right by where everyone was taking the California Bar Exam (or at least day 1 of 3 of the California Bar Exam). And they all had to stay put and finish their exam!!!! After reading that story, I realized that this summer is nothing compared to what next summer will be. Life ain't so bad, after all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Skadden SF is taking its summer associates to see The Fall tonight. I had never heard of the movie before, but check out the amazing visuals in the trailer! I'll report back later on how it turns out...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Love is...

...putting your schnookums on your credit card...?

I met the infamous Mr. SF* yesterday. And although it was a bit of a shock to discover he's not a liberal (*gasp, choke!*), we recovered nicely. Although my vote doesn't count for much, I always have to voice it and this time I s'pose I'll give him a 1.5 thumbs up. (If you're reading this, Mr. SF, you can buy yourself another half of a thumb by either joining the forces of good (read: Democrats) or adding a Baby SF to the family.)

*For those who don't know, Mr. SF is my sister's semi-regular boy toy. ;) And by semi-regular, I mean they are shopping around for things like this:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Pix of SF Digs

Awkward angle of the studio apartment

Living Area (note the giant pile of writing competition entries I have to grade)

My cute little kitchen, complete with dishes, utensils, a mini dishwasher, and tupperware.

The San Francisco Skadden Office

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mementos of a Wanderlust, part deux

After the birthday bash, I went to Nebraska for the annual Fourth of July reunion. New babies, old babies who are graduating from high school, old farts who make it all worth it, and everything in between.

Uncle Tom likes to party a little too hard.

Uncle John's infamous baked beans, whose popularity is surpassed only by Uncle John's nuts and bolts.

Meet Baby Lily and Papalolly (sporting the Dartmouth hat).


Sunsets like this one on the river tend to get the old timers nostalgic about how Nebraska is the greatest place in the world.

Miss Kitty wants a baby in the family - real bad!

Aunt Millie and Alec (p.s. his teeth are plastic in case you were wondering)

Trip #3 was the work retreat in NY. Not many pictures from that trip, but below is about half my summer class (just the Chicago office) at our MOMA event.

Finally, last but not least I'm writing this entry from San Francisco. I've only been here one day, so I don't have many pictures yet. But check out my view!!!!

Mementos of a Wanderlust

4 weeks, 5 cities, 1 journal conference, 1 birthday bash, 1 family reunion, 1 work retreat, 1 business trip to San Francisco... life is absurd! Thoughts from along the way:

The highlight of trip #1 (to NY for a journal conference) was my new favorite musical, In the Heights. I adored it! Combine Broadway with Latin-pop music with some rap and I'm in love. Anyone who gets a chance should see it! The low point of trip #1 was our hotel - The Broadway Plaza Hotel on 27th and Broadway. Not the nicest area a girl could hope for, but I fared better than the journal's faculty editor - his wife took one look at the place and he was in the doghouse for 36 hours until he managed to find them another place to stay.

The birthday bash was a whirlwind. Tons of people in town, (Thanks for coming Lynn, Lauren, Courtney, Hannah, Shane, Paige +2!) the best gifts in the whole world (Sex & the City series on DVD plus Emily's movie on being a divorce attorney), lots of alcohol, and lots of Paige & Bagel drunken photos. We decided we needed a picture for every stage of the drunkeness. You can see how well that worked out below...

Paige, her husband Trevor, and her bro-in-law Dustin at Gino's East for deep dish

Hannah and Shane-O

The original BFFs

Who can't spell Megan? Jeesh!

The start of our brilliant "stages" plan. Notice the semi-sober eyes.

Paco fills me with great passion too!

Stage 4 - commence the silliness.

Stage 7? Things start to get out of control.

Stage Who-Knew-I-Had-So-Many-Fingers

Yay! Lauren!

Pre-birthday festivities


There are tons of pix from the "Invasion of the Yahoos" (Courtney, Hannah, and Shane stayed later than everyone else), but somebody, ahem Courtney!, is a bad sharer.