Thursday, August 02, 2007

Time for a new poll!

This weekend is Paige's bachelorette party and surprise, surprise, I still haven't gotten her a gift. In addition to my normal tardiness, this time I'm also delayed by the fact that this is my first bachelorette party ever AND i have to host it. So any suggestions you can give me are greatly appreciated.

But as for the gift, normal lingerie seems fine, but I feel weird picking stuff out for her. I don't think I would know her style in that area at all. So I considered getting her a gift certificate but then that seems kind of lame so my only other consideration is like a kama sutra book or something fun like that. HELP!

finally, see below... this is the one gift i have completed so far (i made it) and it goes perfectly with the giant pink boa i bought her. now i just need a fake veil or tiarra and that part of the evening will be finished at least.

The words aren't really on there backwards, I just used my webcam to take the pix and it works more like a mirror than a camera


Nicolle said...

Buy her a kinky book or something -and- a recipe card box or something. Something sexy and something nice. That's my advice.

Of course, a good penis cake always works too.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you should get her a bag and fill it with some stuff, like a book and some 'fun' stuff.

Call me for ideas on the 'fun' stuff, I'd rather not write it on your blog.


Anonymous said...


Wiki and Amazon solves all the world's problems :)

But I agree with your sisters, naughty and nice is the way to go