Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not Dead Yet...

...the key word being yet. This semester is killing me thus far, although I think it's for the best. I have way less free time than I did last semester in week 7, but I also am more on top of my game, especially with the outlining and whatnot. For everyone in my life who thinks I hate you or that I'm just about the worst long-distance friend/sister/daughter in existence, I apologize.

In the meantime, I took the job at Child Advocates and so I'm living in Indi this summer. I only know one other person in that whole city, so visitors will be more than welcome.

And since there is literally nothing else exciting in my life, I thought I might ask advice once more (this time, on a less controversial topic i hope ;>)... The pix below are my top three choices of bridesmaid dresses in Paige's wedding. She's letting us pick our own dress, but we have to stick with a particular designer and get navy, floor-length. I think I'm going to choose between one of these three (all of them come in navy, fyi). Thoughts?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Job Offer... HELP!

...So about two weeks ago I interviewed with a Judge for a clerkship and I never heard back. I assumed that meant I was S.O.L. - especially when he didn't respond to my follow-up email. But then today I got an email asking me to call him, so I did. He offered me a position, but not the clerkship. Instead, he said he had a spot for me in the public defender's office, or if I wanted it, he could get me an internship at Child Advocates, Inc., an organization that does the guardian ad litem stuff for that county. Basically, they are appointed to investigate cases of child abuse and neglect and report to the courts on behalf of the best interests of the children. It definitely *sounds* right up my alley, but the problem is that I would only be compensated $4,000 for the whole summer and it's in Indianapolis ~ which presents all sorts of fun housing and transportation issues (me being without a car and all...).

So my dilemma now is two-fold:
1. Do I take one of the two positions even though the compensation is so little? The money is a big issue, but at the same time this seems to be a very solid 1L summer job.
2. If I take the position do I go with the public defenders office or do I go with the child advocacy program? While child advocacy is much more up my alley, I still want to get a firm job next summer and I wonder if a public defender position might look more impressive on a resume.

These are my thoughts.... any advice? anyone? Especially law school kids who know what they're talking about as far as legal careers OR anyone who knows me personally and knows how much money I like to spend. ;)


this is a fun blog lauren told me about:


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Hi. We just wanted to say that we want to be you."

...said by Lynn to a Probate Court Magistrate who spoke today on her careers in juvenile law. She was spunky and fascinating and we loved her. She reminded me not to be so quick to sell my soul to firms this early and got me interested in family law again. Lynn and I got her phone number - hopefully we'll have lunch or coffee soon. I'll update y'all later, but for the record she might be my new hero.