Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who's Counting?

$968.00.... Hotel for 4 nights for the duration of the bar exam
$245.00.... Flight to and from San Francisco for the bar exam
$60.00.... Cost of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam
$648.00.... Cost to register for the California Bar Exam
$92.00.... Cost to register for the California Bar
$431.00.... Cost to register for the Moral Character Determination
$3,982.50.... Cost of Bar Review Course for California
$1,250.00.... Cost of the iPod version of Bar Review Course (to study from Denver)

Total: $7,676.50

Waiting from July 29 until November 20 to get my score.... PRICELESS (not in a good way)
Passing the California Bar on the First Try.... PRICELESS (in a good way)

T - 20 days


Christina said...

Good Lord.

Tim said...

How about some pain and suffering damages?

Team Scentral said...

I I love that your name is Bagel. I love Bagels and was looking for some bagel recipes and found your site. Very cute! Wendy